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Transmedia International


Category : Religious
Production Year : 2011-2013
Description : This program talks about the life of Moslems in the world and how Islam is developing rapidly even though considered a minority in certain countries. ...

The Unexpected Ustadzah

Category : Religious
Production Year : 2014
Description : Cindy, a young famous celebrity was almost caught in a police raid. In her drunken state, she managed to escape with the help of her manager. At the ...


Category : Religious
Production Year : 2011
Description : A preaching concept program, hosted by Ust. Othman. He discuss particular verses daily and let the audience understand more in-depth about The HOLY QURAN and the me ...

Moslem Traveler

Category : Religious
Production Year : 2011-2014
Description : This program invites the audiences to understand the traces of Mohammad in the past. This Islamic travel program wraps the historical journey in a light and touchy p ...

The Journey Of 3 Women

Category : Religious
Production Year : 2007-2009
Description : Perjalanan 3 Wanita is a documentary program to clarify the current records of Islam that exists in history. ...

The Land of A 1000 Mosques

Category : Religious
Production Year : 2013-2014
Description : This program explores the mosques in Indonesia and throughout the world, discussing the magnificent histories behind them. ...


Category : Religious
Production Year : 2013-2014
Description : Broadcasted twice a week during Ramadhan, this program takes the viewers to see the daily activities of an Ustadz. In each episode, Eastern Lights encourages viewers ...


Category : Religious
Production Year : 2013-2014
Description : Khadijah is a documentary program which contain the stories behind a tough and successful Muslim women. This program will be different from the other documentary pro ...